Cinco de Wine-O!

This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday, but that doesn’t mean we have to ruin our Saturday plans with a vicious tequila hangover.  Drink wine instead!  We’ve matched your favorite tacos with some delectable wines that will amp up your FIESTA without prompting a next day SIESTA. 


We’re putting fish tacos with the cool, clean, and fruity flavors of the Zinke Rosé.  Fish and Rosé are the best of amigos because the brisk acidity of the wine compliments the smooth oiliness of the fish.  Magic in your mouth!


The tiny hint of sweetness in the Smashberry White Blend couldn’t be any more perfect with a spicy chicken taco.  The wine is still fresh and lively, but the honeyed finish helps to extinguish any lingering heat in your mouth.  Better grab a few bottles of this stuff because she’s a real crowd pleaser!


This portable and poundable red wine is made for days like Cinco de Mayo.  The Infinite Monkey Theorem Red Wine begs to be paired with handheld street food like beef tacos.  Forego the corkscrew for this fancy red wine; all you have to do is crack open a can and enjoy!

Get a jumpstart on summer and head to your favorite liquor store or wine shop to snag some of these steals!