OK Distilling Co.



Hunter studied culinary arts and attended undergrad at Oklahoma State and the University of Nevada Las Vegas before becoming an assistant food and beverage manager of three casinos in Nevada.

Shortly after turning 22, Hunter got married and moved to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, where he went to grad school and served with AmeriCorps as a Youth Volunteer Coordinator. While in grad school, he learned winemaking, brewing, and distilling. He wrote his thesis on mead (honey wine). 

Without money to start a booze-making venture of his own, Hunter and his wife moved overseas; first to Guatemala where he worked for a small brew-pub, and then to work as a teacher at an international school in China. Hunter became a principal and later the vice president of an international education company.  He also served the US Embassy in China as a consular warden for a year.

In June 2017, after 11 years out of state and 8 years overseas, Hunter moved back to his home state to start Oklahoma Distilling Co. Hunter is also the founder of Local Cider, Oklahoma's first cidery, and Angry Bear Mead, which are next door to the distillery.

Available Varietals

• Indian Grass Oklahoma Vodka

• 1977 Oklahoma Whiskey

• 59 Shine

• 1907 Oklahoma Beerskey

• Stiff Shot Coffee Company

• Rose Rock Rum