Holiday Favorites

I can’t believe the holidays are already here! File that under sh*t girls say. BUT seriously, it’s time to dust off that tacky Christmas sweater and start acclimating your liver for the incessant abuse it’s about to endure from boozy holiday parties and whiskey numbed visits with your “less than favorite” family members. We at Artisan have been training for this *all year*, and here’s what we have found that we’re sure will be your holiday favorites too.

The LOLEA Sangrias. Not only are these easy sippers slightly sweet and highly irresistible; they’re a perfect bubbly accompaniment to cheeses, light dishes, desserts, and your Aunt Deb’s endless questioning on why you’re still single. Plus, the lower alcohol content makes it great for weeknight work parties so the office isn’t left empty the next day from a sudden “wine flu” epidemic.

Available Varietals- Lolea no. 1, Lolea no. 2, Lolea no. 3

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At Artisan, we categorize our wines into 3 groups: Wine for Friends, Wine for the In-Laws, and MY WINE.


- Wine for Friends can be a wine that’s delicious and aims to impress, but also something you know won’t be wasted on some Harry, Dick, or Tom that “can’t tell the difference” between Yellowtail and Haut Brion.

- Wine for the In-Laws is just a step up from garbage and barely palatable wines of the past vintage or cork-tainted variety. They’re something you may turn into sangria just so you’re still on the in-laws’ “good side” and doesn’t ruin your chances of being gifted that cute little Kitchen-Aid mixer you’ve been pining over.

- MY WINE is the wine that is locked away with nuclear codes and only YOU or those with CIA level clearance are able to open. This is the group that Sojourn Cellars falls under and for good reason. They are a little pricey, but your mouth will appreciate the investment, and the turkey they’re paired with will wish it had done more with its life. They come from highly sought after vineyards such as Gap’s Crown, Durell, and Beckstoffer which is why you get the intense flavor and exceptional quality that you paid for.

Available Varietals: Sojourn Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Sojourn Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Sojourn Durell Vineyard Chardonnay, Sojourn Rodger’s Creek Pinot Noir, Sojourn Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir, Sojourn Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon, Sojourn Beckstoffer Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

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You’ll be Dashe-ing through the snow to get a bottle of these Dashe Cellars wines (sorry, I can’t resist a good pun). These won’t break the bank and they come in varietals that will please any wine aficionado. The bone-dry Riesling is a refreshing alternative to the cloying, sugary types of Riesling, which yields endless options for food pairings. The Zinfandel is elegant and balanced and has been the culprit behind many a purple-teeth and numerous instances of slow claps among large gatherings. Dashe Cellars also has some fun varietals; like Grenache, Grenache Blanc, and a proprietary blend cosmically named “The Comet” that will awaken your inner wine geek.

Available Varietals: Dashe Cellars Dry Riesling, Dashe Cellars Grenache Blanc, Dashe Cellars ‘Les Enfantes Terribles’ Grenache, Dashe Cellars ‘The Comet’

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These two beauties make a great gift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a dram or two (or 28576237) yourself. This delicious juice hails from the Chicago area and is new to the Oklahoma market, so you’re definitely going to impress your whiskey loving friends with a unique gift that they’ve never had. You don’t have to have a handlebar moustache and French rolled jeans to enjoy these whiskeys; the caramel-y sweet characteristics of the Bourbon and the warm spice finish of the Rye make them perfect for any palate. These two hit the bottle at a warm 93 proof, so they’ll keep you nice and toasty on those brisk winter nights.

Available Varietals: Few Bourbon Whiskey, Few Rye Whiskey

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Some things you’ll see on our own tables this holiday season are...drum roll please:


Foris Gewurztraminer-Don’t be intimidated by trying to pronounce Gewurztraminer; it gets easier after each glass. Foris Gewurztraminer is a steal for under $15, so you don’t have to worry about how quickly your friends will want to gulp it down.

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The Vapor Pumpkin King is so pumpkin-y spicy you’ll want to grab a scarf and a pair of UGG boots immediately. It’s a pumpkin cordial made by a couple of guys in Boulder, Colorado, who distill small batch goodies from their one-of-a-kind, copper pot still. It’s adored by mixologists and sorority girls alike and It’s a must for your fall libation repertoire.

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We certainly don’t need the holidays as an excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly, but we love Faire la Fete Brut even more this time of year. That unmistakable sound of a cork popping signals the start of something great, with an elevated possibility of dancing and laughing shortly thereafter. This bubbly beverage comes from a small region in France where they’ve been making sparkling wine way before Champagne thought it was cool. This wine boasts that traditional bready goodness with bursts of green apple, yet bears a considerably smaller price tag than its Champagne cousin.

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Head on over to your favorite liquor store or wine shop to snag some of our favorites for your own enjoyment this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

- Chelsea Chandler & the Artisan Crew