Happy Valen-Wines Day

Cue the music, dim the lights, scatter the red rose petals, and pop some bottles; it’s Valentine’s Day, people!  Whether you’re single, taken, asexual, or something in between, drinking wine on Valentine’s Day is a necessity.  Assuming we’ll all be drinking for a multitude of reasons, we have plenty of wines in mind to fit any of your V-Day plans (or lack thereof).

We’ve done the dirty work for you (well, at least the clothed kind) and paired up some of our lust-worthy wines with foods that are considered to be “natural aphrodisiacs”.  These combinations rival the compatibility of couples like Bonnie and Clyde, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Brad and Angelina…oh wait.  Anyway, these combos of food and wine are a match made in heaven and they’ll definitely get your blood pumping for after-dinner activities! 

Chile Peppers & Lolea White No. 2

The best way to battle heat is with a little sweet.  The balance of spiciness from the fiery peppers and a hint of sweetness from the wine is nothing short of the work of Cupid. The Lolea White Sangria will please your sweetie and your pocketbook, so you can splurge on other treats for your Valentine.

Oysters & Faire La Fete Brut Rosé

Nothing says decadence and romance like a bottle of bubbles for Valentine’s Day.  The Faire La Fete has all the sexiness of a true Champagne, yet it doesn’t carry the ritzy price tag.  The briny, fresh components of oysters are amplified by the tickling bubbles and zesty flavors of the Faire la Fete Brut Rosé.  Make sure you grab more than one bottle because unlike your love, the Faire la Fete Brut Rosé isn’t “never-ending”.

Chocolate & Andis Zinfandel

There’s a rule somewhere that you’re not supposed to mention “Valentine’s Day” without following with the word “chocolate”.  Chocolate prides itself as one of the many Valentine’s Day desires, so pairing wine with chocolate for the most romantic day of the year is a no-brainer.  We love the combination of the spicy, silky, and plush bouquet of the Andis Zinfandel with the sweet, rich, and velvety essences of chocolate.  Who needs balloons and roses?

Salmon & Saddleback Chardonnay

Who knew that salmon was a natural love-drug?!  My recurrent fantasies of Ryan Gosling after eating lox for breakfast totally makes sense now!  We’re pairing the flaky, indulgent texture of the salmon with the delicate and creamy mouthfeel of the Saddleback Chardonnay.  Tasting these two together will have you smitten and yearning for more.




Who cares that the only thing you’ll be crushing over this Valentine’s Day is wine?  Wine has never argued with you about who’s doing the dishes and wine doesn’t forget your birthday. 

Wine, you the real MVP.  

The following wines are a perfect fit for any of your V-day plans; whether you’re hanging alone, with your dog, with your friends, in your house, in their house…you get the picture. 

Funk Zone Red

A spin on a historic French style (Côte-Rôtie- Syrah/Viognier blend) — starring original art by progressive street artist Kelcey Fisher.  You’ll fall in love with Funk Zone, so don’t be surprised when you want to be exclusive with this wine. 

Restless Earth Grenache

A hand-crafted Grenache from one of the best-known and most interesting vineyards in California: Santa Barbara Highlands.  Your restless heart has finally found “the one’ in this Restless Earth Grenache. 

Fun Wine Co.

The name says it all.  Have some fun this Valentine’s Day, just don’t start crying about your ex. 





I see you and these wines having a long happy life together.  Enjoy!

- Chelsea Chandler